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Another thing that was only elaborated on at Sonic Retro, now buried in posts! Setting the number values for LimitTimeOfSpin, MaxVelocitySonicToSpin and MaxVelocitySpinToSonic in Modern’s physics to 0 will completely kill Modern’s need to curl up when going over dash panels that launch him at equal to or greater than speed levels set by MaxVelocitySonicToSpin.

It’s also worth noting that unlike when drifting, the curling from dash panels is purely visual and can’t hurt enemies.

Unleashed Project - Team Unleashed

It annoys me just how much important bits of information like this gets brief mentions within Sonic Retro, without any sort of documentation that’s out there for the public to find easily. The hacking guide for Generations really needs to get updated at some point… scared of breaking the wiki pages at all if I do the edits, though.

maybe now all those character mods that use the unleashed drift or remove the spinball model for whatever reasons will finally stop happening


Hoy, small fries! Now that I’ve also acquired the Square Dance taunt, now is the time for even more Team Fortress 2 sound modding fun! Here’s the Square Dance music, both the loop before the dance and the actual dance music, replaced with the Black Bomb music from Sonic Lost World!

Download Link:

play me off, banjo

oh, wait

you’re deader than sonic is, huh

Holy hell, this thunderstorm’s gone on for over 10 minutes already and the flashes of light are still frequent. Already seen two actual bolts of lightning, as well.

I’m actually nervous about the power going off, going by how close they look…

Hoy, small fries! Assassin’s Creed 3 is kind of an unoptimized piece of crap, so here I am back in the merry land of Team Fortress 2 now that I’ve gotten my hands on great new taunts like the conga, with a music mod to go for it using Tilt the Machine from Sonic Lost World!

Love live Conga Fortress 2.

Download Link:

There are still people that try to ruin congas and that makes me sad.

Anyway, not been particularly doing anything lately and just been a bum offline! Assassin’s Creed 3 is tough to play when it’s this terribly optimized, Freedom Planet isn’t out for two days… and I’ve only just now finally placed an order on Apollo Justice so that I can legally own every Ace Attorney game besides Investigations 2 and vs Professor Layton. Slow summer days, I suppose.

Hoy, small fries! That Emerl mod by Gavin sure is great, whether or not you’re like me and attempted to swap Gemerl in and instead got a freaky cool Emerl skin, huh? Bet you want some special music to make the mod feel even more special!

… well, I didn’t. Was just in the middle of converting the high quality GBA music sequences for Sonic Advance 3 to mp3 files and had the file for Nonaggression - Phase 2/Allegro/whatever on standby… but hey, it worked out! Totally not distracting me from Classical Generations.

Download Link:

Emerl - Gavin & Nibroc.Rock
Custom Emerl? - Haphazardly merged with Custom Sonic, which was clumsily made from UltimateDarkman, TwilightZoney, RemixedCereal, Smashnic, Daku Neko, Dude, BlitzPlum, brianuuu and JoeTE’s work

I’m so bad at dealing with models. D:

But yeah, woo, also finally getting back to getting all that high quality Sonic Advance 3 music! The two credits themes are magical, and hearing them without the GBA compression is something to behold.


Hoy, small fries! Since everyone’s focused on SADX at the moment due to the AutoDemo Windy Valley release, I may as well get this out in the middle of the hype. People that have played SADX 2004 will know the music doesn’t loop and is terrible quality, it’s awful! Thanks to MainMemory’s work with the SADX Mod Manager and it’s vgmstream music redirection function, we can just copy the high quality looping music from SADX 2011/Steam release over as a mod and it all works perfectly. So to save everybody the trouble, and since MainMemory didn’t want to upload a 400mb file himself, here it is!

The only bug is that the Chaos fights below Chaos 6 strangely load the Perfect Chaos Revival music despite having the original music in place, so it’s possibly a bug with the SADX Mod Manager.

Download Link:

Oh yeah, I can upload this now that I’ve got gotten rid of some junk from my Dropbox! At 70% of my 2.9gb limit now, though… hope the rest of my mods for Generations and TF2 will be able to squeeze into that…

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